Programme & Presentations

Monday 16 September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Registration
09:45 Stuart Lumsden Welcome
Session 1           The Global Picture of Star Formation
10:00 Adam Ginsburg (I) Environmental effects within and around forming high-mass clusters
10:40 Refreshment Break
11:10 Rowan Smith Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the “Cloud Factory” simulations
11.30 James Urquhart ATLASGAL: Star formation properties of the Galaxy
11:50 Sarah Loebman Mutual Destruction on FIRE: How Simulated Embedded Star Clusters Destroy and are Destroyed by Giant Molecular Clouds in Cosmological Simulations
12:10 Toshihiro Handa Gas Density Histogram of Galactic molecular gas using FUGIN data
12:30  Lunch
Session 2     Proto- and Young Clusters and Associations
14:00 Timea Csengeri (I) The hunt for young Galactic protoclusters
14:40 Alexander Howard L1495 Revisited: A PPMAP view of starforming filaments
15:00 Yushi Hirata Ammonia mapping observations of star forming filaments in the CMa OB1
15:20 Refreshment Break
15:50 Michael Anderson Highly efficient core formation in hub-filament systems
16:10 Siddhartha Gupta The gas evolution around young star clusters in the presence of cosmic
16:30 Takeru Murase NH3 mapping observations toward W33 star forming region with Nobeyama
45-m telescope.
16:50 End of Day 1

Tuesday 17th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 3     Young Clusters/Associations – the mm view
09:10 Helen Kirk (I) Clustering Properties in Nearby Star-Forming Systems
09:50 Peter Schilke Clusters around High-Mass stars
10:10 Will Armentrout High-Mass Star Formation in the Far Outer Galaxy
10:30 Refreshment Break
Session 4 The Theoretical View
11:00 Simon Glover Making synthetic emission line maps of young massive clusters
11.20 Hope Chen Core Evolution through a Coherent Phase: An Updated Theory of Core Evolution Told by Machine Learning
11:40 Chris Wareing MHD simulation of cloud formation and consequent massive star feedback
12:00 Kong Liow On the formation of young massive clusters via cloud-cloud collision
12:20 Lunch
 Session 5     Young Clusters – the Gaia View
13:50 Marina Kounkel (I) Untangling the Galaxy
14:30 Michiko Fujii Simulations of massive star cluster formations using a new N-body/SPH code ASURA + BRIDGE
14:50 Juan Farias The Dynamics of Star Cluster Formation
15:10 Fernando Comeron Cygnus before yesterday
15:30  Refreshment Break
16:00 Gemma Rate Wolf-Rayet Stars in Clusters and Associations with Gaia DR2
16:20 Isabelle Joncour TBA
16:40  End of Day 2

Wednesday 18th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 6       Characterising Properties of Young Clusters
09:10 Richard Parker (I) Clustering properties in the Gaia era
09:50 Anne Buckner Unravelling the Story of Massive Star Formation: Clues from the YSOs of NGC2264
10:10 Brendan Retter Spatial statistics for star-forming regions
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Marta Gonzalez-Garcia Cataloguing substructure in star forming regions
11:20 Tim Crundall Chronostar: ages and origins of young stars with machine learning
11:40 John Lopez Trunks, branches and leaves: understanding the early stages of star formation by applying tree diagrams to molecular line data.
12:00 Jean-Francois Robitaille Exposing the plural nature of molecular clouds
12:20  Lunch
Session 7     The IMF
13:50 Yueh-Ning Lee (I) The IMF in clusters: what can we say about its universality?
14:30 Elena Sabbi The sparkling star formation in Westerlund 2
14:50 Zeinab Khorrami The IMF in Young Massive Stellar Clusters: do we understand the completeness?
15:10 Evgenia Koumpia Resolving and characterising massive binaries at birth using high resolution techniques
15:30 Refreshment Break
16:00 Bethany Jones Snapshots of the early evolution of high-mass protostars
16:20 Katharine Johnston A high-resolution picture of spiral arms and stability within the AFGL 4176 disc (presentation not available)
16:40 End of Day 3
19:00 Conference Dinner at The Hospitium, Museum Gardens

Thursday 19th September 

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 8    Feedback and Evolution
09:10 Michael Kuhn (I) The Early Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters
09:50 Varsha Ramachandran Stellar feedback powering star-forming complexes in the Magellanic Clouds
10:10 Ahmad Ali Massive stars – radiative feedback and gas expulsion
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Frantisek Dinnbier Constraining the star formation efficiency by properties of tidal tails
11:20 Willice Obonyo Non-thermal emission from massive protostellar jets
11:40 Nichol Cunningham Characterising the impact of jets/outflows in the high mass regime
12:00 Alejandro Gonzalez-Samaniego How the hierarchical cloud structure and feedback from massive stars shape the star cluster assembly in globally collapsing molecular clouds
12:20 Lunch
13:50 John Ilee The close circumstellar environment of two massive protocluster members (presentation not available)
14:10 Abigail Frost Unveiling the traits of massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) using a high resolution, multi-scale analysis
14:30 Sonu Tabitha Paulson Insights into Early Phases of High Mass Star Formation from 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers
14:50 Posters and Demonstrations with refreshment
16:40 End of Day 4

Friday 20th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 9     Gaia and Dynamics
09:10 Tristan Cantat-Gaudin (I) Gaia reveals the 7D structure of the young cluster population in Vela-Puppis
09:50 Alvaro Hacar Clusters as complex fiber networks
10:10 Christina Schoettler Runaways from the ONC and other young star clusters with Gaia DR2 (presentation not available)
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Eleonora Zari Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young stellar populations in the Orion region
11:20 Discussion Session
12:30 End of Day 5 Close Conference