Programme & Presentations

Monday 16 September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Registration
09:45 Stuart Lumsden Welcome
Session 1           The Global Picture of Star Formation
10:00 Adam Ginsburg (I) Environmental effects within and around forming high-mass clusters
10:40 Refreshment Break
11:10 Rowan Smith Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the “Cloud Factory” simulations
11.30 James Urquhart ATLASGAL: Star formation properties of the Galaxy
11:50 Sarah Loebman Mutual Destruction on FIRE: How Simulated Embedded Star Clusters Destroy and are Destroyed by Giant Molecular Clouds in Cosmological Simulations
12:10 Toshihiro Handa Gas Density Histogram of Galactic molecular gas using FUGIN data
12:30  Lunch
Session 2     Proto- and Young Clusters and Associations
14:00 Timea Csengeri (I) The hunt for young Galactic protoclusters
14:40 Alexander Howard L1495 Revisited: A PPMAP view of starforming filaments
15:00 Yushi Hirata Ammonia mapping observations of star forming filaments in the CMa OB1
15:20 Refreshment Break
15:50 Michael Anderson Highly efficient core formation in hub-filament systems
16:10 Siddhartha Gupta The gas evolution around young star clusters in the presence of cosmic
16:30 Takeru Murase NH3 mapping observations toward W33 star forming region with Nobeyama
45-m telescope.
16:50 End of Day 1

Tuesday 17th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 3     Young Clusters/Associations – the mm view
09:10 Helen Kirk (I) Clustering Properties in Nearby Star-Forming Systems
09:50 Peter Schilke Clusters around High-Mass stars
10:10 Will Armentrout High-Mass Star Formation in the Far Outer Galaxy
10:30 Refreshment Break
Session 4 The Theoretical View
11:00 Simon Glover Making synthetic emission line maps of young massive clusters
11.20 Hope Chen Core Evolution through a Coherent Phase: An Updated Theory of Core Evolution Told by Machine Learning
11:40 Chris Wareing MHD simulation of cloud formation and consequent massive star feedback
12:00 Kong Liow On the formation of young massive clusters via cloud-cloud collision
12:20 Lunch
 Session 5     Young Clusters – the Gaia View
13:50 Marina Kounkel (I) Untangling the Galaxy
14:30 Michiko Fujii Simulations of massive star cluster formations using a new N-body/SPH code ASURA + BRIDGE
14:50 Juan Farias The Dynamics of Star Cluster Formation
15:10 Fernando Comeron Cygnus before yesterday
15:30  Refreshment Break
16:00 Gemma Rate Wolf-Rayet Stars in Clusters and Associations with Gaia DR2
16:20 Isabelle Joncour TBA
16:40  End of Day 2

Wednesday 18th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 6       Characterising Properties of Young Clusters
09:10 Richard Parker (I) Clustering properties in the Gaia era
09:50 Anne Buckner Unravelling the Story of Massive Star Formation: Clues from the YSOs of NGC2264
10:10 Brendan Retter Spatial statistics for star-forming regions
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Marta Gonzalez-Garcia Cataloguing substructure in star forming regions
11:20 Tim Crundall Chronostar: ages and origins of young stars with machine learning
11:40 John Lopez Trunks, branches and leaves: understanding the early stages of star formation by applying tree diagrams to molecular line data.
12:00 Jean-Francois Robitaille Exposing the plural nature of molecular clouds
12:20  Lunch
Session 7     The IMF
13:50 Yueh-Ning Lee (I) The IMF in clusters: what can we say about its universality?
14:30 Elena Sabbi The sparkling star formation in Westerlund 2
14:50 Zeinab Khorrami The IMF in Young Massive Stellar Clusters: do we understand the completeness?
15:10 Evgenia Koumpia Resolving and characterising massive binaries at birth using high resolution techniques
15:30 Refreshment Break
16:00 Bethany Jones Snapshots of the early evolution of high-mass protostars
16:20 Katharine Johnston A high-resolution picture of spiral arms and stability within the AFGL 4176 disc (presentation not available)
16:40 End of Day 3
19:00 Conference Dinner at The Hospitium, Museum Gardens

Thursday 19th September 

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 8    Feedback and Evolution
09:10 Michael Kuhn (I) The Early Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters
09:50 Varsha Ramachandran Stellar feedback powering star-forming complexes in the Magellanic Clouds
10:10 Ahmad Ali Massive stars – radiative feedback and gas expulsion
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Frantisek Dinnbier Constraining the star formation efficiency by properties of tidal tails
11:20 Willice Obonyo Non-thermal emission from massive protostellar jets
11:40 Nichol Cunningham Characterising the impact of jets/outflows in the high mass regime
12:00 Alejandro Gonzalez-Samaniego How the hierarchical cloud structure and feedback from massive stars shape the star cluster assembly in globally collapsing molecular clouds
12:20 Lunch
13:50 John Ilee The close circumstellar environment of two massive protocluster members (presentation not available)
14:10 Abigail Frost Unveiling the traits of massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) using a high resolution, multi-scale analysis
14:30 Sonu Tabitha Paulson Insights into Early Phases of High Mass Star Formation from 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers
14:50 Posters and Demonstrations with refreshment
16:40 End of Day 4

Friday 20th September

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Welcome
Session 9     Gaia and Dynamics
09:10 Tristan Cantat-Gaudin (I) Gaia reveals the 7D structure of the young cluster population in Vela-Puppis
09:50 Alvaro Hacar Clusters as complex fiber networks
10:10 Christina Schoettler Runaways from the ONC and other young star clusters with Gaia DR2 (presentation not available)
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Eleonora Zari Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young stellar populations in the Orion region
11:20 Discussion Session
12:30 End of Day 5 Close Conference


Final discussion at #SFM_project final conference.

Apparently there is another extra talk before the discussion.

Last talk, before discussion, is being given by Eleonora Zari, on the Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young……