Management Group

The Management Group are responsible for reviewing research results and intellectual property arising from the project and agreeing the most appropriate exploitation and dissemination strategy for it. This includes any future activities that may lead to commercialisation of our work. The Management Group are supported in this by members of the University of Leeds Commercialisation Services Team.


Partner 1
Dr Stuart Lumsden
Project Co-ordinator
University of Leeds, United Kingdom



Partner 1
Project Manager
University of Leeds, United Kingdom



Partner 2
Dr Paul Clarke
Cardiff University, United Kingdom



Partner 3
Ignacio de la Calle
Quasar Science Resources S.L., Spain



Partner 4
Dr. Estelle Moraux
Grenoble Alpes University, France

Final discussion at #SFM_project final conference.

Apparently there is another extra talk before the discussion.

Last talk, before discussion, is being given by Eleonora Zari, on the Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young……