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SFM will disseminate its results to the astronomical community, and where sensible to the wider scientific and statistical community.  Dissemination activities will be in the form of talks and poster presentations at international conferences and workshops, and publications.  SFM will host annual workshops and a final conference on ‘formation and evolution of massive star clusters’ at the end of the project.

June 2018 – May 2019

    Maryland, USA
    11 Nov – 15 Nov 2018
    Deborah Baines et al. (Quasar)




  • SFM18 Workshop Talk
    Grenoble, France
    29th Aug – 31st Aug 2018
    Anne Buckner (University of Leeds)



June 2017 – May 2018


  • MODEST17 Conference Poster
    Prague, Czech Republic
    18th Sept – 22nd Sept 2017
    Anne Buckner (University of Leeds)


  • NSF17 Meeting Talk
    Liverpool, UK
    7th Sept – 8th Sept 2017
    Anne Buckner (University of Leeds)


  • SFM17 Workshop Talk
    El Escorial, Spain
    14th Jun – 15th Jun 2017
    Anne Buckner (University of Leeds)

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