Public Talks

The aim of SFM outreach activities is to raise public awareness.  Activities included the public website, public lectures, schools package and science events.

If you would like us to visit your school/institute/public forum to give a talk, please contact

November 2017

Public Lecture – Carlos III University (Leganés), Spain
(Quasar Science Resources, Spain)

7 November 2017

October 2017

STARGAZING at The National Trust’s Dyffryn Gardens – Cardiff, UK
(Dr Zeinab Khorrami, Cardiff University, UK)

28 October 2017

Organized by the amateur astronomers of Cardiff Astronomical Society. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy so public could just visit the array of telescopes and the observatory’s facilities and equipments.Indoor activities:

  • Distribution of star charts (courtesy of STFC) for use on clearer nights
  • Photo exhibition (Weird and Wonderful photos)
  • Public talk on Massive stars by Zeinab Khorrami
  • Public talk on the role that Dyffryn Gardens plays in the UK Meteor monitoring network
  • Q&A session

Event Photos


Presentation Slides (PDF download)

June 2017 –  May 2018

Light Night – Leeds, UK
(Dr Anne Buckner, University of Leeds, UK)

6 October 2017

As part of Soapbox Art & Science Leeds Anne Buckner collaborated with artist Eirini Boulak to create a SFM research inspired video piece entitled ‘The Creation of the Heavens’.

Public Lecture – El Escorial (nr Madrid), Spain
(Quasar Science Resources, Spain)

14-15 June 2017

***Announcement*** StarFormMapper's Final Conference, 16-20 September 2019 .... register your interest:…

Talk from Dr Anne Buckner in “The wonders of star formation” in Edinburgh, Scotland, reporting the latest results……

Have an astronomy question but not sure who to ask?!? Well now you can: Ask an Astrophysicist! 🥳😁🎉……