Wednesday 29 August

Session 1: Molecular Clouds and Protoclusters Observations

  • A Galaxy-wide View of Star Formation (James Urquhart)
  • The role of spiral arms in Milky Way star formation (Sarah Ragan) *view
  • Complex dynamics at the edge of the Monoceros OB1 molecular cloud (Julien Montillaud)
  • An ALMA view of Sagittarius B2: a progenitor of a super star cluster? (Alvaro Sanchez-Monge)
  • Characterizing the high-mass protoclusters in NGC 6334 (Mahya Sadaghiani)
  • Challenging the relation between cores masses and stellar masses: from W43-MM1 to the ALMA- IMF large program (Frédérique Motte) *view

Session 2: Modelling and Hydrodynamical Simulations of Stellar Cluster Formation

  • Star cluster formation: structure, kinematics, and stellar properties (Matthew Bate)
  • Galactic Flows and the formation of stellar clusters (Ian Bonnell)
  • Volume-Density-Driven Star Formation in the Galaxy (Geneviève Parmentier) *view
  • Simulating photoionization and radiation pressure feedback from massive stars in clusters (Ahmad Ali)
  • The binary fraction and CMF in star-forming regions (Christian Boily)
  • Establishing Star Formation Scenarios Using Protoplanetary Disc Fractions: The Case of Cygnus OB2 (Andrew Winter)


Thursday 30 August

Session 3: Star Formation from Stellar Clusters Observations

  • Written in the stars: clues to the initial conditions of star formation (Richard Parker)
  • Revealing the innards of a star cluster in the making (Morten Andersen) *view
  • Uncovering the Evolution of Clustered and Dispersed Star Formation Across the Serpens Molecular Complex (Marc Pound) *view
  • Gould Belt Clouds: Distances and Insights into YSO Kinematics (Lee Mundy)
  • Revealing kinematic substructure in young stellar clusters with Gaia DR2 (Tristan Cantat-Gaudin) *view
  • Not all stars form in clusters: measuring the kinematics of OB associations with Gaia (Jacob Ward) *view

Session 4: Characterisation of Spatial and Kinematic Structures of Star Clusters

  • Star clusters in the Gaia second data release (Antonella Vallenari)
  • Distance and kinematic of star forming regions (Sergio Dzib)
  • At the edge of molecular clouds: uncovering their 3D spatial structure with GAIA (Isabelle Joncour)
  • Quantifying velocity structure in star forming regions (Becky Arnold) *view
  • Modelling the structure of star clusters with fractional Brownian motion (Olivier Lomax) *view
  • Dancing Clusters: Quantitatively Tracing Spatial Evolution and the Morphological Features of YMCs (Anne Buckner) *view


Friday 31 August

Session 5: Modelling and Simulations of Early Cluster Evolution

  • Early cluster evolution (Pavel Kroupa) *view
  • Observational constraints on clustered star formation: a more complete picture of clustered star formation emerging (Suzanne Pfalzner) *view
  • Constraining the birth conditions of star clusters by the present-day parameters (Hosein Haghi)
  • Simulation of binaries properties in a fragmented cluster (Timothé Roland) *view
  • A model for the environmental variation of the minimum cluster mass and its implications for globular cluster formation from Fornax to ultra-diffuse galaxies (Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez)