Wednesday 29 August

Session 1: Molecular Clouds and Protoclusters Observations

  • A Galaxy-wide View of Star Formation (James Urquhart)
  • The role of spiral arms in Milky Way star formation (Sarah Ragan) *view
  • Complex dynamics at the edge of the Monoceros OB1 molecular cloud (Julien Montillaud)
  • An ALMA view of Sagittarius B2: a progenitor of a super star cluster? (Alvaro Sanchez-Monge)
  • Characterizing the high-mass protoclusters in NGC 6334 (Mahya Sadaghiani)
  • Challenging the relation between cores masses and stellar masses: from W43-MM1 to the ALMA- IMF large program (Frédérique Motte) *view

Session 2: Modelling and Hydrodynamical Simulations of Stellar Cluster Formation

  • Star cluster formation: structure, kinematics, and stellar properties (Matthew Bate)
  • Galactic Flows and the formation of stellar clusters (Ian Bonnell)
  • Volume-Density-Driven Star Formation in the Galaxy (Geneviève Parmentier) *view
  • Simulating photoionization and radiation pressure feedback from massive stars in clusters (Ahmad Ali)
  • The binary fraction and CMF in star-forming regions (Christian Boily)
  • Establishing Star Formation Scenarios Using Protoplanetary Disc Fractions: The Case of Cygnus OB2 (Andrew Winter)


Thursday 30 August

Session 3: Star Formation from Stellar Clusters Observations

  • Written in the stars: clues to the initial conditions of star formation (Richard Parker)
  • Revealing the innards of a star cluster in the making (Morten Andersen) *view
  • Uncovering the Evolution of Clustered and Dispersed Star Formation Across the Serpens Molecular Complex (Marc Pound) *view
  • Gould Belt Clouds: Distances and Insights into YSO Kinematics (Lee Mundy)
  • Revealing kinematic substructure in young stellar clusters with Gaia DR2 (Tristan Cantat-Gaudin) *view
  • Not all stars form in clusters: measuring the kinematics of OB associations with Gaia (Jacob Ward) *view

Session 4: Characterisation of Spatial and Kinematic Structures of Star Clusters

  • Star clusters in the Gaia second data release (Antonella Vallenari)
  • Distance and kinematic of star forming regions (Sergio Dzib)
  • At the edge of molecular clouds: uncovering their 3D spatial structure with GAIA (Isabelle Joncour)
  • Quantifying velocity structure in star forming regions (Becky Arnold) *view
  • Modelling the structure of star clusters with fractional Brownian motion (Olivier Lomax) *view
  • Dancing Clusters: Quantitatively Tracing Spatial Evolution and the Morphological Features of YMCs (Anne Buckner) *view


Friday 31 August

Session 5: Modelling and Simulations of Early Cluster Evolution

  • Early cluster evolution (Pavel Kroupa) *view
  • Observational constraints on clustered star formation: a more complete picture of clustered star formation emerging (Suzanne Pfalzner) *view
  • Constraining the birth conditions of star clusters by the present-day parameters (Hosein Haghi)
  • Simulation of binaries properties in a fragmented cluster (Timothé Roland) *view
  • A model for the environmental variation of the minimum cluster mass and its implications for globular cluster formation from Fornax to ultra-diffuse galaxies (Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez)

Final discussion at #SFM_project final conference.

Apparently there is another extra talk before the discussion.

Last talk, before discussion, is being given by Eleonora Zari, on the Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young……