Committees & Contacts

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Scientific Organising Committee (SOC)

Stuart Lumsden (Chair)

Hervé Bouy

Ignacio de la Calle

Roberto Galván-Madrid

Alvaro Hacar Gonzalez

Estelle Moraux

René Oudmaijer Oudmaijer

Stefanie Walch-Gassner


Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Patricia Grant, University of Leeds, UK (chair)

Stuart Lumsden, University of Leeds, UK

Anne Buckner, University of Leeds, UK

Can Solar flares cause life to form on planets? Check out our FAQs for the answer!……

We are pleased to announce a conference on the formation and early evolution of massive star clusters in September……

***Announcement*** StarFormMapper's Final Conference, 16-20 September 2019 .... register your interest:…