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First Name Last Name* Title
Atefeh Aghababaei The role of accretion and extended SiO emission in forming high mass protocluster NGC 6334-V
Jorge Anais Searching for Open Clusters in VVV data using non supervised clustering algorithms.
Naomi Asabre Frimpong Probing the Evolution of High Mass Protostars: An ALMA Astrochemical Survey
Suzannah Boardman Applying Geostatistical Clustering Techniques to NGC2264
Anne Buckner A HOLOtta Fun: Explaining Star Formation with 3D Holograms
Clare Dobbs Massive cluster formation
David Eden Power Scales of star formation – Clump formation efficiency maps
Roberto Galvan-Madrid A search for intra-cloud star formation relations in W49A
Marcin Kupilas Shocking interactions with inhomogeneous clouds
Antonio Lorenzo GALANTE Photometry of Cyg OB2
Rene Oudmaijer Clustering properties of Herbig Ae/Be stars: CEREAL
Sebastian RamiĀ­rez AlegriĀ­a High-mass stars on VVV Clusters
Rudy Rivera Soto Recombination Lines and Molecular Gas around Young Massive Stars in W51A
Timothe Roland Structure analysis of simulated young stellar systems build by Hubble-Lemaitre models
Mahya Sadaghiani Physical properties of the star-forming clusters in NGC 6334
Li Sun MWISP CO(1-0) Observations toward M120.1+3.0 Molecular Cloud
Yan Sun Molecular Clouds in the Extreme Outer Galaxy
Chen Wang Abundance ratio X(13CO)/X(C18O) in molecular clouds