Quasar: SFM at the ADASS Conference in Trieste, Italy

Quasar Science Resources introduces in its poster contribution the virtual infrastructure proposed for the StarFormMapper (SFM) H2020 project in which Quasar participates.

The goal of the StarFormMapper (SFM) project is the study of galaxy evolution through the mechanisms that underlie massive star and star cluster formation. The project combines data from two of ESA’s major space missions, Gaia and Herschel, together with data from ground based facilities.In this work Quasar describe the proposed hardware and software architecture, what we have called the Dynamic Evolution Added Value Interface (DEAVI), a Virtual Infrastructure to take care of the development and production environment for the project based on Linux desktops and servers.

The full contribution will be published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) as part of their Conference Series.