Presentation Guide


Information for Talk Presenters:

  • the accepted abstract will be printed in the conference abstract book;
  • the date, time and duration of your allocated time slot can be found in the programme;
  • presenters should save their talk onto the computer system the day prior to their presentation, and for those presenting on the first day their talk should be saved during registration 09-09:45;
  • given time constraints, we prefer for talks to be saved on the conference computer system, especially for shorter talks, but if you want to use your own laptop please bring along your VGA adapter and test setup beforehand;
  • note the duration of the time slot assigned to you includes time for questions: invited talk 35 minutes +5  questions, contributed talk 15 minutes +5 questions;
  • the projector is sized optimally for 16.9 widescreen format (HD), and 4.3 standard format will also work;
  • presentation slides should be in a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) or in .pdf format;
  • the file name should be the presenter’s surname, first name and presenting day (smith_john_Wednesday.pdf/ppt/pptx).


Information for Poster Presenters:

  • the accepted abstract will be printed in the conference abstract book;
  • posters can go up from Monday at 09:00, and should be down by Friday 12:00;
  • poster size should be portrait A1-A0;
  • poster board attachments will be provided;
  • poster session times are detailed in the final programme;
  • during poster session(s) all presenters are encouraged to be available to answer questions and facilitate interpretation of their posters.

Final discussion at #SFM_project final conference.

Apparently there is another extra talk before the discussion.

Last talk, before discussion, is being given by Eleonora Zari, on the Structure, kinematics, and ages of the young……